Case Studies

There is a qualified plan design for everyone

Surgeons During Operation

The Surgeon

Client is 52 years old.  With our design, she had the option of contributing $200k-$595k to a retirement plan, which saved her $100k-$298k in taxes that current year.

Farmer and Son

The Farmer

The Farmer runs a family owned business.  He is 55 and able to contribute $600k to his retirement and save $300k in taxes in the current year.  The assets are protected from creditors and are outside of the estate.

Receiving the Keys

The Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Broker is 48.  With her successful career, she was able to lower current year taxes by $234k with a qualified plan designed specific to her needs.

Team Meeting

Small Family Business Owner

The young successful couple in their early 40s are able to each contribute $330k for a combined tax savings of $330k during the year, which also is the starting foundation of financial stability for their family.

Cosmetic Company

Cosmetic Company

Successful cosmetic company with 150 employees implemented our plan design to provide owners with maximum tax deduction, golden handcuffs for key employees and minimize cost associated with including non-key employees.